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The Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, elected at-large for four-year overlapping terms. The CCSD Board elects a President to preside over the meetings, and a Vice President, who serves in the President’s absence. The role of President rotates with annual nominations held at the regular December Board meeting.


The CCSD was formed in 1976. Elections occur in even years with three (3) terms expiring in 2020 and two (2) terms expiring in 2018 (overlapping terms). Successful candidates assume office the first Friday in December following the November election.  CCSD elections are consolidated with San Luis Obispo County and General Elections are typically held the first Tuesday in November. The County Clerk Recorder handles all candidate filings.



Reelected CCSD Board member Jim Bahringer received the Oath of Office in December 2014 and will complete his term in December 2018.


Reelected CCSD Board member Amanda Rice received the Oath of Office in December 2016 and will complete her term in December, 2020.


Harry Farmer was elected to office in the November 8, 2016 General Election with his term expiring December, 2020.


On October 3, 2017, Aaron Wharton was appointed to the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors.


On December 19, 2017, David Pierson was appointed to the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors.


On January 18, 2018 Amanda Rice was nominated and voted President and Jim Bahringer was nominated and voted Vice President for the 2018 year.


Board of Directors Bios

 Amanda Rice  | Jim Bahringer | Harry Farmer

Aaron Wharton | David Pierson


President Amanda Rice

Amanda Rice was reelected to the CCSD Board of Directors in the November 8, 2016 General Election. Her term expires in December 2020. She has been a member of the Cambria Forest Committee, Chair of North Coast Advisory Council for two of the four years she was on the Council, and has worked with the Community Center of Cambria (the Youth Center), HART, Cambria Anonymous Neighbors, and the J & J Heller Dog Park. She earned a B.A. in English from CSU Chico and a teaching certificate from Tulane University, then taught high school English in New Orleans for five years, where she developed a grant-funded American Studies Program and served as department chair for two years. She currently provides web development, computer, and administrative support to local businesses.


Vice President Jim Bahringer

Jim Bahringer was elected to the CCSD Board of Directors in November 2010 and re-elected in November 2014. His professional background includes businessman and college professor. He holds a B.S. US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD; M.B.A. candidate San Jose State. He is a member of NCAC, Cambria Lions Club, and American Legion.


Director Harry Farmer

Harry Farmer was elected to the CCSD Board of Directors in November, 2016.  His term expires in December, 2020.  A graduate of California State University Northridge in 1969, his varied work background includes employment in social services and the mental health field, as well as a disc jockey and radio interview host, gardener, and counseling astrologer.  He moved to Cambria in November, 1986.  During the 1990’s he was an active 8 year member of Friends of the Ranchland, the non profit volunteer organization that prevented development of, and ultimately helped in the purchase, of the 440 acre Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.  He also initiated, and was passionately involved, in the saving of the popular local hiking area known as Strawberry Canyon.  Since Fall 2009, he has been a volunteer gardener at the Cambria Historical Museum.  He also cares for the planter boxes above the attractive wooden trash/recycling containers that dot our town’s business district.


Director Aaron Wharton

Biography to come.


Director David Pierson

David Pierson was appointed to the Board in December of 2017.  He is a 1970 graduate of the U.  S. Naval Academy and subsequently spent over 9 years on active duty including service in Vietnam.  After leaving the Navy he spent over 30 years as a businessman and professional in the HVAC industry becoming a Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.    He retired in 2015 and became a resident of Cambria with his wife of 30 years.  He is currently a member of ASHRAE and American Legion.


 2018 Ad Hoc Committees and Members


Standing Committees:

 Finance Committee: Director Rice and Director Pierson



Infrastructure Committee: Director Bahringer and Director Farmer



Ad Hoc Committees:

Emergency Services Ad Hoc Committee: Director Pierson and Director Wharton

Task: Review issues related to funding for appropriate staffing and equipment for Fire Department.


Rate Study Ad Hoc Committee: Director Rice and Director Bahringer

Task: Work with staff and Bartle Wells Associates in developing new water and sewer service rates.


Legislative Ad Hoc Committee: Director Rice and Director Bahringer

Task: Work with Dean Florez on current legislation that potentially affects the district.


Liaison Assignments:

North Coast Advisory Council – Director Bahringer

Coast Union School District – Director Rice

Cambria Healthcare District –Director Pierson

Cambria Forest Committee – Director Farmer

Cambria Tourism Board – Director Bahringer

Cambria Fire Safe Focus Group – Director Wharton

Friends of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve – Director Farmer

San Simeon CSD – Director Rice

Regulatory and other local, state, or federal agencies – Director Rice and Director Bahringer

Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROs) – Director Wharton