In an effort to enhance Cambria's major water and wastewater infrastructure and other key projects that protect the safety and quality of life for Cambrians, the CCSD has prioritized a number of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) as well as the non-CIP Buildout Reduction Program (BRP).


CCSD Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently working on cleaning our collection system and Closed Circuit Television recording (CCTV).


CCSD Water Master Plan

Alternative Water Supply Memo | Buildout Reduction

Collection System Infrastructure | Sustainable Water Facility

Groundwater Management | Long Term Water Supply | Stuart Street Tanks

Sanitary Sewer Management | Supervisory Control & Acquisition

Urban Water ManagementVoluntary Lot Merger

Water Use Efficiency & Conservation


CCSD Water Master Plan: Final Program Level Environmental Report

The Final Program-Level EIR for the CCSD Water Master Plan is posted  in individual chapters.  The EIR includes responses to all written comments received for public review in the Draft EIR.  This document was certified by the CCSD Board of Directors at the August 21, 2008 meeting.  Click here to review the August 21, 2008 Agenda/Staff Reports and August 21, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation.


Printed reports and CDs are available via a Public Records Request.  For additional questions, please contact Bob Gresens at 805-927-6223.


Alternative Water Supply Memo

Based on the current Water Master Plan, the Los Angeles District of the Army Corps of Engineers entered into a partnership agreement with the Cambria Community Services District to prepare design and provide construction assistance for a new seawater desalination facility to produce 602 acre feet of potable water for the Cambria community over six dry months from May 1st through October 31st. The desalination facility would be located next to the existing Cambria Wastewater Treatment Plant and would be supplied with raw seawater by a subterranean seawater intake located in the Santa Rosa Creek paleo channel at the Shamel Beach area.


Buildout Reduction

A study the feasibility of buildout reduction in Cambria.


CIP Improvements

The CCSD continues to address and resolve long standing infrastructure deficiencies to the Collection System Infrastructure and Wastewater Treatment Facility. In addition to constructing the Emergency Water Supply Project, the CCSD is currently involved with additional infrastructure improvements within the Collection System and at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Groundwater Management Plan

The CCSD Groundwater Management Plan describes groundwater planning for the area’s San Simeon Creek groundwater basin and Santa Rosa Creek groundwater basin. Each of these basins are within the north coast area of San Luis Obispo County.


Long-Term Water Supply

CCSD’s long-term water supply planning calls for continued aggressive water conservation, recycled water for non-potable uses, and seawater desalination as a long-term means to provide drought protection while augmenting the area's local groundwater supply.


Sanitary Sewer Management

It is incumbent upon Cambria Community Services District (Cambria CSD) to protect the environment to the greatest degree possible and ensure the collection system is protected and utilized properly. This responsibility includes preventing SSO’s and may include restricting or prohibiting the volume, type, or concentration of wastes added to the system.


Stuart Street Tanks

During the CCSD's Water Master Plan process, it was discovered that Cambria's water distribution system did not meet fire flow and associated tank storage requirements. An additional tank and fire pumps are planned as part of the proposed Rodeo Grounds Pumping Station Replacement project.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Project

This project consists of replacing a land-line based alarm monitoring system with a wireless radio-based system.


Sustainable Water Facility

Offers links to related to the CCSD's Emergency Water Supply program


Urban Water Management Plan

Cambria's Urban Water Management Plan responds to the Urban Water Management Planning Act, Water Code Sections 10610 through 10656 as amended.  Besides meeting state-mandated requirements, the Urban Water Management Plan Updates provide a summary of the CCSD's water supply planning.


Voluntary Lot Merger

The Voluntary Merger Program as part of the Buildout Reduction Program (BRP). Information on how the program works, results of the program, and a Lot Merger application,


Water Use Efficiency & Conservation

Includes water efficiency rules and conservation guidelines.