The CCSD District Clerk maintains all public records and documents.  The process to review or obtain a document is as follows:

  1. Please complete a Public Records Request Form.
  2. Complete online form and submit or Click on Public Records Request Form to download a form. (Adobe Acrobat required). Or, complete form at the CCSD Administrative office at 1316 Tamsen Street, Suite 201.
  3. Requests should be for a specific, identifiable document. Vague or general requests for information cannot be processed.
  4. Submit online form or Mail the form to District Clerk, P.O. Box 65, Cambria, CA  93428; deliver to 1316 Tamsen Street address;  or fax to 805-927-5584.
  5. The CCSD will respond to your request within 10 working days from the time of receipt.
  6. Requested documents may not exist or may not be available.
  7. If documents are available, you will be billed $.20/page for copies in advance of receiving them.


For additional information, contact the District Clerk at

(805) 927-6223.