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Cambria Community Services District Fee Schedule

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The CCSD bills its customers on a bi-monthly basis. For more details, please click on Water/Wastewater Billing Schedule. Consumption charges are based on the amount of water delivered through your meter. Water and sewer usage charges are computed by unit. One unit is equal to 748 gallons.


Water and Wastewater Rates

Notice of Rate Increase - March 1, 2017


Detailed rate charts are available by clicking on the following links:


Late Fees and Deposits

For a detailed list of the late fees and deposits charged by the CCSD for water/wastewater services, click on the User Fee Schedule. These charges are effective February 28, 2013 and were implemented to encourage prompt payment by CCSD customers.


Low Income Program

CCSD Customers that participate in the CARES program through PG&E may be eligible for the CCSD's low income program. This program allows for a 40% reduction in wastewater fees and property owners may also receive a fire suppression benefit fee waiver.  Please contact our office for more information. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Completion of a CCSD Low Income Application.
  • Copy of your CA driver's license or ID card. The address on your card must match the PG&E service address.
  • Participation in the PG&E Lifeline (CARE) program.


CCSD Water and Wastewater Billing Schedule