Water Master Plan


Final Program Level Environmental Report

The Final Program-Level EIR for the CCSD Water Master Plan is posted below in individual chapters.


The EIR includes responses to all written comments received for public review in the Draft EIR.  This document was certified by the CCSD Board of Directors at the August 21, 2008 meeting.  Click here to review the August 21 Agenda/Staff Reports and August 21 Powerpoint Presentation.


Printed reports and CDs are available via a Public Records Request.  For additional questions, please contact Bob Gresens at 805-927-6223.


13 Comments and Responses

14 Appendices


Task 3:  Final Draft Recycled Water Distribution System Plan


Task 3:  Final Draft Potable Water System Distribution Analysis


Task 4:  Final Report - Assessment of Long-Term Water Supply Alternatives